Corn Flakes Ice Cream!

What’s your favorite type of ice cream? Chocolate? Vanilla? Corn Flakes? You are probably looking back at that last flavor with confusion, but don’t worry, you read it right: Corn Flake ice cream!!! “Seriously, Rachel? CORNFLAKE ICE CREAM?!?!” Yes. Corn Flake ice cream. TRUST ME! It’s awesome. The Corn Flakes provide a little crunch and […]

Powder Puffs!!!

The one quality that I admire (even just as much as the taste) in desserts is cuteness. And these desserts just might top the list; they are absolutely ADORABLE!!!! They are powderpuffs: tiny madeline-like cakes with fresh vanilla whipped cream and other toppings sandwiched between them. I used this recipe, and they turned out PERFECT. For […]

Whoopie Pies!

Whoopie pies are the food form of edible sunshine I think. They are so cute, but are extremely delicious if you bake them the right way! What I tend to see when people make them, are they either make the cake to mushy or they make it hard like a cookie. But the secret is […]