Fashionable Find of the Week: SONOMA life + style® Flats at Kohls

This is a continuation of the weekly segment: Fashionable Find of the Week. To read the latest ones, just click here

This week’s fashionable find are these ADORABLE flats from Kohls. I absolutely adore these shoes, in fact, as of today, I own them. In both colors. Ya, that is how cute these shoes are. Enough talking about them though, here they are:


Now do you see what I mean? Also, did I mention, these shoes feel like you are WALKING ON CLOUDS?!!! They feature a memory foam sole. Yeah, that’s right; it’s like having a TempurPedic mattress on your feet. All the time. In fact, even after I got home, I didn’t take these flats off due to the fact that they were as comfy as my slippers! Anyways, these awesome shoes boast a quirky bow and a perfectly rounded toe that looks elegant (and doesn’t make your toes look fat). Finally, these shoes come in three colors: Pastel Pink (shown above), aquamarine (shown above), and black. I only showed the first two because I liked those the best. But don’t get me wrong, the black ones are pretty amazing too! Here is how I would wear the pink shoes:

fashionable find of the week

In this pretty and pink outfit, it all revolves around the amazing shoe. From that strong foundation, we add a beautiful pink dress with a quirky peter pan collar, adding a winsome sense to the ensemble, and a cozy wool cardigan to add a bit of warmth. Finally, like a cherry on top of a sundae, we add a whimsical binoculars necklace in a beautiful gold color, complimenting the delicate pink.

Here is how I would wear the blue pair:

fashionable find of the week 2

This dreamy ensemble features, first and most of all, the blue shoes. Secondly, to add an elegant touch, I threw in a beautiful lace dress with a black bow, as a nod to the quirky bow lying on the top of the flats. Next, I added the earrings; the blue bead perfectly matches the shoes in hue and the flower dangling from it draws your eyes to the intricate lace details of the dress. Finally, I finished this outfit with a pair of lady-like herringbone tights.

What do you think about these shoes? Do you love them too? Do you also own them? How would you (or do you) wear them? Tell me, as always, in the comments.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Dance Forever,




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