What A Day!!!

Today has truly been an “adventure” ,if you can even call it that. This madness all started after school today. I had just given my friend a ride home from school and was anxiously waiting to return to my house so I could go shopping with Katrina. We were running low on gas, so naturally, my mom pulled into a Chevron gas station and started filling up the tank. She routinely put the pump in the car and eventually took it out, got in the car, and put the key in the ignition. She turned the key. Nothing happened. Frustrated, she tried again. The sound of an engine slowly groaned and then sighed out, leaving us stranded in our car. After about five angry phone calls to the car company and wasting about three hours sitting cramped up in a car with nothing to do, a AAA truck pulled into the gas station and spent almost another twenty minutes trying to jump-start our car. At that point, it was almost six o’clock (we had pulled into the gas station at about four thirtyish, give or take) and my plans to go shopping were crushed. Exhausted and disappointed, I finally got home and that is where I still am now, trying to enjoy the last bit of this Friday as I can. So, that was my Friday. Underwhelmed? I know, me too. Oh well, at least I have Saturday! What is your Friday horror-story (or fairy-tale) ? Tell me in the comments!!

This is what my face looked like while I was twiddling my thumbs in the car at the gas station. :-)

Dance Forever,


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