My 2012 Christmas List: All I Want For Christmas Is…

Black Friday: the day that the world decided was automatically the start of the Christmas season (you know, despite the fact that it is still November and that there is [exactly, as of  today] still an ENTIRE MONTH to go until the holiday). You know, I always feel so bad for Thanksgiving; everyone anticipates it so much, just for the fact that once it is over, it is almost Christmas. SERIOUSLY?!!! What is wrong with the world?!! Anyways, enough with my angry (crazy) rage. I am not immune to the false hope that Black Friday gives us, and I left very early in the morning — coffee in hand– and headed to the mall with my awesome cousin in the hope of scoring some great deals. While purchasing Christmas gifts (including an AMAZING one for Katrina :-D ), I noticed was that a bunch of little kids were swarming Macy’s to put Christmas lists in the mail to send to Santa. KIDS ALREADY HAVE CHRISTMAS LISTS?!!!!!! THANKSGIVING WAS YESTERDAY PEOPLE!!!! These little five year olds are ahead of me!!! I decided that I needed to get making a list!

So here it goes:

1. A Pomskie (Pomeranian\ Husky)

I NEED FIVE OF THESE AND I NEEDED THEM YESTERDAY!!!!!! WHERE HAS THIS DOG BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! LOOK AT IT!!!!! JUST LOOK AT IT!!!! HAVE YOU SEEN A CUTER DOG THAN THAT?!!! HAVE YOU?!!! HAVE YOU REALLY?!!!!! I THINK NOT. This dog is the most adorable dog ever! Period. As I mentioned above, it is a mix of a Pomeranian and a Husky. I adore both dogs (especially huskies), and a mix of the two dogs– IT IS MINDBLOWING!!!! I have always wanted a husky, but they seem really big. So this dog is PERFECT’!!!! Don’t get me wrong…. I LOVE big dogs (I have two german shepherds that are almost as big as me), I just really want a little cuddly dog that won’t accidentally squash me if it tries to cuddle.

2. Regina Spektor‘s What We Saw From the Cheap Seats

I have already mentioned this album before, and I just want to say it one more time: REGINA SPRKTOR IS AMAZING. Anybody who disagrees clearly needs to delete Nikki Minaj from their iPod and start listening to some real music. This awesome album features 11 impressive songs, including “Don’t Leave Me (Ne me quitte pas)” . If you don’t already own this album yet, get out a pen, and start writing your Christmas list.

3. IPhone 5 (White)

Although I know this one will never happen (because we have stupid T-Mobile :-( ) , it is always good to wish. I feel really stupid admitting one of the main reasons why I want it, but what the heck; I don’t want it because of the big screen, or even because of the cool factor of owning one, I really just want it so I can ask Siri stupid stuff. There I said it; laugh at me, but hey, Siri is pretty awesome. Don’t believe me? Just look up all of the questions it can answer.

4. Tickets to Either a Florence and the Machine, Fun., or Regina Spektor Concert

Despite my obsession with music, I have never been to a REAL concert. That is what I want for Christmas, I want tickets so Katrina and I could go to see one of these bands. I chose these bands, cuz a) there awesome, and b) there are supposed to be even more awesome in concert.

5. Another  Pomskie

Just look at it!!!!

That is what I want for Christmas. What do you want for Christmas? What are you getting others for Christmas? Did you brave the crowds and compete for deals on Black Friday? Tell me in the comments!


One more Pomsky…..

Dance Forever,


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