Ballet Survival Kit

Ballet is not for wimps. Contradictory from many peoples’ thoughts (namely football players’ and other athletes’), ballet requires strength, balance, and muscle. Surviving a ballet class can be tiring and painful, but making sure that you always have an emergency ballet kit around can help you tons. I always make sure that I keep with me some essential items needed for a ballerina. Lack of having these items can result in broken toes, blisters, and headaches. Here are a couple of the items that I always make sure I keep around with me when heading to a ballet class:


  1. Ballet Hairpins: These hairpins, out of all of the items, I think are the most important. Never, ever use any other pins besides these when constructing your ballet bun! They are a bit pricier than basic bobby pins, but trust me, they are WAY worth it. Don’t try going to the store and looking for pins like them, because there aren’t any. These pins make for a flat, sturdy bun and stay in all day, through the pirouettes and passes.
  2. Mini Hairbrush: Having a mini hairbrush in your dance bag can help to prevent many headaches and messy buns. Halfway through ballet class when your hair starts to fly into your face, you always have your brush to comb back those wispies in the bathroom.
  3. Sturdy Hairbands: Out of all of the years I have been dancing, these basic black hairbands have served to be the sturdiest through and through, even with my extremely fine hair.
  4. Ace Bandage:  While I’ll admit, having an Ace bandage isn’t exactly essential for your ballet emergency kit; it is very nice to have around. If you accidentally happen to twist your ankle while on pointe, wrapping on one of these can ease your pain and hopefully get you dancing again soon.
  5. Mini Bottle of Hairspray: Carrying around a big, full-sized hairspray bottle can make your dance bag heavy, but this tiny, lightweight bottle is very hand for those stubborn fly-aways.
  6. Safety Pins: These safety pins are a lifesaver when your ribbons in your pointe shoes suddenly rip off. But, I must warn you, when safety pinning your ribbons back onto your pointe shoes, always put them on the outside of your shoe, away from your foot. While it may not look pretty, it will keep your foot safe; these pins are known for coming undone while you are dancing and ending up in dancers‘ feet! Trust me on this one!
  7. Hairnets: Hairnets are essential to making a neat ballet bun. I have found that these hairbands, made especially for dance, are the strongest and last for weeks.
  8. Toe Tape: Having at least some type of athletic tape around when you are dancing en pointe is an absolute must. If you sprain one of your toes, this tape fits in between your toes very nicely and secures them without taking much space inside your pointe shoes.

    If you follow these instructions, I can guarantee that you will always have a nicely stocked dance bag. What do you keep in your dance bag? Answer by clicking on the leave a comment button below!

    Dance Forever,


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