Crazy Kitty!!!!!

Have you ever looked into your pets’ eyes and wondered, “What in the world is that animal thinking!!!!”? Well I do, A LOT. Especially with my kitty, Oreo (Which I’ve posted about at I do love that cat tons, but sometimes, I have trouble trying to figure out why she does the weird things she does! It all started the other day when I was mindlessly sitting at the dining room table, typing up an essay. I suddenly heard my cat RACING down the hall and start running into things. At first I thought that she was attacking a bird or a mouse or something, but no! When I looked, she was attacking a hairband.

Oreo and the hairband were in a battle to the death I think; she pounced on it time after time and rolled on her back and used all of her paws to stretch it out until it snapped! I looked at her, puzzled, as she picked it up in her mouth, set it on the ground and laid on top of it. Then, she started PURRING!!! I mean, what is going on in my cat’s brain. But that was only one example. Thursday morning, I was walking up the stairs in my house, when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eyes; I saw my cat chilling on the windowsill at the top of the stairs!!!! She just sat there snoozing and after a while, just pranced off the windowsill, down the stairs, and out the back door. I am thoroughly confused about my cat now.

Is anybody a cat whisperer, because I think my cat might be a bit of a psycho? Oh well, she still is adorable and fluffy and I love her! Can anybody translate my cat’s crazy doings? Tell me in the comments!

Dance Forever,


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