Chocolate Chip Pancakes!!!

Pancakes are the best. The only things that can make it better are adding chocolate chips and making them with your bro. The other day, I got to do both of those things; my older brother and I made fluffy, golden, chocolate chip pancakes together, and they were absolutely delicious. We used this recipe (with the addition of 1\2 cup of chocolate chip) and fried them on a hot griddle. I always fry them on a griddle (as opposed to a pan or skillet) because I feel that it makes them cook more evenly and makes the outsides crispier and golden brown, while keeping the insides soft and fluffy. Another tip while making pancakes is to always leave clumps in the batter after stirring; if you stir it all the way smooth, you will take out all of the fluffiness, leaving yourself with a flat pancake. The final tip is to not use a lot of butter when frying them. When you use too much butter, you end up charring the skin of the pancake quickly, without leaving time for the middle to cook. Just use about a quarter of a tablespoon of butter, just enough to coat the pan in a very thin layer of butter for a perfectly golden pancake. Drizzled with a bit of maple syrup, topped with a pat of butter, and sprinkled with powdered sugar, these pancakes were amazing!

What do you think about this recipe? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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