Fashionable Find of the Week: Stitched and Adorned’s Mod Stripe Tunic

This is a continuation of the Fashionable Find of the Week segment. If you haven’t read the previous posts, you can catch them at

This week for the Fashionable Find of the Week segment, I will be showing you the amazing tunic from

This quirky tunic features a winsome three quarters sleeve and the black and white stripes add a retro-mod touch. This versatile dress is a classic piece that will go with anything. This is how I would wear it:

Tunic:, Shoes:, Tights:, Necklace:, Lipstick:, Rouge:, Mascara:

This outfit, featuring the timeless tunic, is a classic. From the shoes to the rouge, this outfit if for the wannabe chic fashionista from the 1950s. This ensemble all starts with a great base; the tunic. Next, just add some cozy burgundy touches, an adorable ‘spectacles’ necklace, and classic makeup. I added the rouge, mascara, and lipstick because I love the look when all the colors are combined. The rouge gives the apples of your cheeks an old fashioned ‘glamour girl’ feel, with its natural rosy color. This mascara has wonderful reviews, saying that it lengthens your lashes like a dream and gives a natural, classic look to them. And finally, the lipstick. This maroon color is an essential. It looks wonderful on almost anyone, and ties the whole look together.

What do you think about this tunic? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Be sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on! All of the links are below!

Dance Forever,


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