My Fall Wishlist!

Lately, I’ve been drooling over a couple of items that I have found online. They are absolutely amazing, and I am now saving my pennies so I can hopefully purchase them!

Items Listed Left to Right:

1. Take Your Turntable in Green, I absolutely adore this vintage inspired turntable! The small size is portable and adorable!

2. Grand Old Timey 2013 Wall Calendar in International, This calender is so cute! All of the images for each month is a vintage postcard from different countries.

3. The Zombie Survival Guide, This book looks so hilarious! Plus, you can never be too prepared…

4. Grishko Vaganova Pointe Shoes, These pointe shoes by Grishko (the brand that I currently wear) sound like they would fit my feet perfectly. The shoes are supposed to be ideal for dancers with narrow feet and high and flexible arches, a.k.a., me!!!

5. Word Traveler Journal, This suitcase-shaped journal is clever and convenient. Perfect for writing in while lounging in Paris!!

What do you think? Be sure to rate the items in the comments!!

Dance Forever,


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