So You Think You Can Dance: Vote For Eliana!!!!!

Ever since the beginning of the summer, I have been glued to TV every Tuesday night. Why, you ask? BECAUSE OF SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!! If you don’t know what SYTYCD is, then you either 1) have been living under a rock your entire life, or 2) you are a football player. If neither of those things describe you and you still don’t know the meaning of SYTYCD, then you have NO excuse. You must turn on your TV right now and get caught up, because you don’t know what you are missing! Anyways, next Tuesday is the season finale!!!!! Since the beginning of the season, I have had two favorites, Amelia Lowe and Eliana Girard. Sadly, Amelia was eliminated a couple weeks ago. :-( But Eliana is in the Finale!!!!! So now, I have to ask you a favor… VOTE FOR ELIANA!!!!!!!! And then, tune into FOX next Tuesday night to watch the finale!!!!

To learn more about this beautiful ballerina, go to ;-) GO ELIANA!!!!!!

Dance Forever,


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