A Rain Boot Dilemma. . .

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot. I’ve been thinking about. . . RAIN BOOTS! Considering that today was ‘Wear Boots to School’ Day at my school, I’ve been seeing a whole lot of cute boots. But one person had a pair that kept catching my eye all day. They were the bright, yellow, polka dot, rubber rain boots! So I began my quest to find a pair exactly like them. Finally, I narrowed the search down to two pairs that are both adorable and immensely cute! So this is where you come in. I NEED YOU TO PICK OUT A PAIR OF RAIN BOOTS FOR ME! Please? Pretty Please? All you need to do is tell me which pair you like better in the comments, BEFORE I AM DRIVEN INSANE BY OHMYGOSHICAN’TCHOOSEWHICHRAINBOOTSTOBUY SYNDROME!!!!! ;-) Here are your options.




Dance Forever,



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