Fashionable Find of the Week: Pleated Floral Collar Dress At Forever 21!

This is the second installment of the Fashionable Find of the Week segment. If you didn’t catch the first one, you can read it at   One of my favorite stores, Forever 21, has done it again! They have created an adorable yet affordable dress that I LOVE!!!!! It is the Pleated Floral Collar Dress! […]

My Picks: The Emmy’s Best (and Worst) Dressed List

I love watching the Emmys, not only for the exciting results, but for the beautiful dresses! Here are some of my favorite outfits: Ginnifer Goodwin: I love everything about this, especially the cut. It looks amazing on her! Zooey Deschanel: Zooey, one of my favorite style icons, has done it once again, she looked absolutely […]


So, today I was on my computer, happily surfing youtube, when I came up upon this REALLY creepy Korean rapper, that apparently is really popular right now (considering ‘gangnam style’ is the no.2 search term in Google right now…) Please watch the video below and explain to me WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD,  cuz now […]

Les Miserables

I cannot wait any longer for this movie to come out…… does anyone else feel my pain? Although, I have to admit that it is a perfect movie to come out during Christmas! So dramatic! I will probably cry when i do see it…… just putting that out there! ANNE HATHAWAY!!!! My favorite actor is […]

Eat. Pray. Dance. is Now On Twitter and Facebook!

Eat. Pray. Dance now has its own Facebook and Twitter accounts! To check it out, either scroll down the page to go to the ‘Like us on Facebook’ box and the ‘Follow us on Twitter’ box, or go to for the Facebook page, or to go to our Twitter page! Plus, I would like to give a […]